Load Python Script faulted -

While running Load Python Script inside Python Scope. I’m getting the following error. It is a simple python script which prints “hello”

An error has occured
Message:Value cannot be null.
Parameter name:name
Exception Type:ArgumentNullException

Not understanding the root cause. A fix will be valuable.
Thanks in advance

It seems it is excepting a paramater and that is not supplied.

Can you upload your workflow

Hi Naveen,
I’ve attached the workflow which is a simple one. A point to be noted is that I’m able to run this in my local machine but it is failing in the UAT. Both the python packages are similar and installed in Appdata/Local/Programs. But I’m unable to find the root cause of this error.
Main.xaml (5.7 KB)

Currently the standard output(print) is not captured by the Python activities.
as a workaround declare a func and return a value and display it .