Load Python Script error when running python script

Hi All,

I need to extract the content of data from website.

I said to python developer, that i required like this way and he made it below csv.


when i load my script file, it throws the error

This is my script below

So, i’m attaching my file please check and make corrections
pythonProcess.zip (1.9 KB)


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What is the error?


Could you please display the details too? It’s already quite painful to have a proper python traceback from UiPath :slight_smile:

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Project Details?? or script details

The error details.

Did you also try to run the script by itself out of UiPath but in the same environment?

It’s been long time
Hope you are doing well
Did we try run the key thing script as a bat file
That is create a bat file and mention the filepath of python.exe and the script file path
And here in uipath use START PROCESS activity and pass the filepath of bat file as input to FileName property

And also make sure that the python code is executed manually from the shell first and it’s getting executed as expected

Cheers @sudhasagar

Not in same Environment,but worked in another one

Thanks for remembering me.
Yes, i’m doing well
The script is worked in different environment(some other laptop) and it worked.
I really dont have idea, Can u please check my workflow, is that process is correct or not?


I found the solution, using python script.
There are some changes in script, that i made according to uipath output

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Would you please show the way to me? How did you resolve the issue? I met the same one.


First, install pre-requirements for python and run the code using python. I sat with python-dev and said the requirements. He checks and invoked the python in UIpath. The output i said to bring as csv file.
Mainly he changed the python code as per Uipath. There are steps to be followed in the python code. Then it works.
I’m Sharing my workflow, Pls go throw
DHL .xaml (21.2 KB)

Pls go throw this person, gives lots of information related to py scripthing. I shared to my python dev and he understanding the way of invoking python script in UI.

A fix was pushed for Error when Invoking Python Script. See the fix here: Python.Activities: Fix threading model for load/execute script by florinakke · Pull Request #69 · UiPath/Community.Activities · GitHub

Deployed fix with UiPath.Python.Activities version v1.1.7594.35963 on Connect feed.

Please test if this fixes your problem as well.

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