Llamadas Telefónicas Orchestrator

¿Cómo puedo realizar llamadas telefónicas a través de API mediante el orchestrator?

The orchestrator is used to manage the robotic process. It does not have the function of making phone calls.

¿Y que opciones tengo?

Joana, describe the process in more detail so that we know your needs.
We don’t have enough information to advise you.

Necesito que mi robot realice llamadas telefónicas a unos números de teléfonos indicados y recoja el contenido de las respuestas que de el usuario.
Estas llamadas tendrán una serie de preguntas que se le indicaran al robot, y el robot realizará la pregunta y esperará a que el usuario la conteste para poder lanzar la siguiente pregunta.

You need a VoiceBot that will use the Dialer feature.
There are dedicated tools and service providers for this. You should look for a local market, such as a company that has a speech recognition tool in Spanish language.

In our company, we have a VoiceBot using the TTS (Text To Speach) engine from Google, but the STT (Speach To Text) of our domestic Polish company.

CC software (Contact Center) can be used for making calls, eg from AVAYA / Genesys via ‘sip trunk’.

You can also connect it nicely with software, e.g. from InteliVise, which is compatible with AVAYA.

UiPath are software robots used to automate backoffice processes. UiPath robots don’t speak yet :slight_smile:

Vale, gracias por la ayuda!

Actualmente estoy empleando un codigo python que me he creado con Text To Speach y Speech to Text. (De google)

¿Podrías ayudarme un poco más sobre la realización de las llamadas? Si tuvieras algún ejemplo para poder entender como realizarlo realmente me ayudaría bastante, es para un trabajo de la Universidad.

Muchas gracias!!!

I sincerely would like to help you, because this topic interests me, but I only deal with the automation of backoffice business processes.

Unfortunately, a different team is responsible for AI and VoiceBot. I asked about our solutions especially for you :slight_smile: , but moreover, I have neither knowledge nor experience in this field.

vale! Muchas gracias por tu ayuda :slight_smile:

This may interest you, how to use Google Cloud Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech powered by Machine Learning in UiPath.
Part of this solves the problem of TTS and STT:

I had to revise my knowledge. And I have information that it is now possible to make calls in UiPath. It is used for this:

Make an outgoing call


Text that is read when the call is answered.

Attributes Details
Type String

The URL of an audio file that Twilio will play when the call is answered.

Attributes Details
Type String

Send an SMS message

Combined with Speech-To-Text from UiPath.GoogleSpeech.Activities, you can create a VoiceBot:

I don’t know if this solution satisfies you, because all of it uses third party services.
Both Twilio and Google will require a license.