Live Streaming & Remote Control - Preview release

Tried this out and it was working great while I had the VM open, but when I tried to stream that same process while it was running fully unattended, I am just getting a black screen in the viewer. Anyone know what I need to do/am doing wrong?

hi JP,

Glad you are trying it, sorry to hear that you are having issues. Will contact you in private to see how we can assist further.


My Orchestrator is using 23.4 version, Assistant and Studio use 22.4 version. I need to update my Assistant and Studio to use the new feature?

Hi. You need the robot (Assistant) to be updated as well. If you’re on Community, the update is available. For Enterprise, it will be available soon. In the meantime, you can try on serverless robots on both Community and Enterprise. Thanks!
PS. Live Streaming is also available in the latest Studio.

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Thanks for your quick answer, one more question, when the 23.4 will be available for Enterprise?

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You’re most welcome. End of April. It will be announced soon. Thanks

do we need additional hardware or software for having this feature run smoothly?

hi. I assume you want to use it on a Windows machine. Please follow the documented prerequisites here. thanks and looking forward to your feedback!

Hi Adrian,

I have jumped to that doc but I still cannot find additional specs also what port we need to open.

my customer is very strict about security and all of the requisitions such as specs, ports, and 3rd Software must clearly mention in the UiPath Docs.

so it will be great if the docs have them.

thank you,

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There are no additional ports needed, we would have mentioned them if it was the case. If you followed the setup as indicated here you, and your client, should be ok.
3rd party software wise, it is mentioned as a pre-requisite in the documentation provided, can you please be more specific?


Hi @Adrian_Tamas ,

Are there any REST APIs related to this feature?


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There is no REST API for this feature. If there were. what would your use-case be?


Hi @Adrian_Tamas, thanks for your reply.

I work at C TWO and we have a platform that provides dynamic orchestration of work, driven by SLAs. Simply set SLA requirements for each process, and our prioritization engine will take care of the rest, optimizing for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This is the main feature but there are many other to deal with VMs, users, self-healing etc

Business processes from different RPA vendors can be onboarded within C TWO platform and it will manage the workload without the need of creating any Job in the Orchestrator.

C TWO sits on top of the RPA vendor APIs, therefore we are offering those features that are purely API based, in case of UiPath we use Orchestrator API + C TWO algorithms. This is the reason why I was asking.

We are a technical partner and it would be great for us if we can leverage this Live streaming & Remote Control feature through the API so the end users can monitor e2e the business processes from C TWO and leverage this feature to perform deeper triages.

Is there any plan to create APIs in the future?

Thanks for your help and support

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Hi Alejandro,

No plans as of yet, but this feature is somewhat dependent on an Orchestrator job being created so if C TWO doesn’t create one, even if we add APIs, there’s a high chance it won’t work.


Is it confirmed that it would be available by end of April?


Genius solution! Thanks for sharing.

One question: For security reasons, we currently have restrictions on who can send screen commands or not. Was it thought of some way to have 2 types of access? An access that only allows the visualization of the data, without user interaction with the screen. And an access that allows, in addition to viewing, interaction with the screen.

This will ensure greater governance for those who view and control it.

I look forward to it and thank you!


Thanks for the feedback. You can control the access via the Live Streaming and Remote Control permission at a Folder level, where View would mean that the user can only access the stream, and Edit permission would also grant access to the Remote Control.

In Audit we also reflect the permission, so if View only was granted, when a stream is accessed you will see an entry stating that.

Hope this helps!


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Oh, nice!

Is it possible to have any kind of Workflow to allow/deny someone access the remote machine?

Eg. a developer want to see what’s happening in a determined machine, send a request through Orchestrator to his manager and manager approve/deny the access.


Thanks Mateus for the suggestion.

Wondering though if the Live Streaming/Remote Control permission along with the per process setup would help with your scenario as well. Thinking the request can be made via your internal ticketing system and then an Orchestrator Admin would:

  • initially create a role specific for Live Streaming Viewing with or without Remote Control, depending on your needs
  • gets the request to view a certain job
  • assigns the role to the Dev
  • allocates the dev to the folder
  • enables, if not already enabled, Live Streaming with or without Remote Control, depending on need, to that process
  • undoes what is needed from the above once the issue was identified.

Hope the above helps, let me know. Thanks!

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