ListItems of ListView in Userform isnot visible while recording!

What i am doing?
I made userform with ListView of excel.
I want to use Uipath to automate the userform.
I want to click checkbox of ListView only particular listItem.

Whats the Problem?
Uipath Explorer give the index (idx) of main listitem from ListView but there are many listItems added inside 1 ListView
With List_View
.ColumnHeaders.Add , “_Name”, “Main”, 68
.ListItems.Add index:=1, Text:=“List1”
.ListItems.Add index:=2, Text:=“List2”
End With

Thank you in advance

Hi @Santosh_rai

It might be that some elements are not natively recognized with a specific selector.

There are workarounds, such us “Click Image” activity. You could use it in combination with Anchor Base activity. Something like that:

You could also use a Click activity with an offset instead of Click Image activity.

hi @loginerror
Thank you for reply.
I tried same as you mentioned but it throws an error “Image not found”.