Listener option existing?

Hi everyone !

Some items context : one unanttended robot managed by Orchestrator and running only on one workstation. The unique job is scheduled from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

From client perspective, the main issue they are facing is that the workstation is unlocked at 7:30 AM. In other words, anybody can use it which is strongly vorbidden…

For me, the schedule option in Orchestrator should only activate the process in background but not open the workstation (not a VDI). Does a kind of "listener " option exist? Did one of you have the same problem?

Thx in advance for your feedback or advice on this.


Hi @epourrat,

without unlocking the system, bot can’t work. instead try to use a VDI. If you don’t have an option to use VDI, remove the monitor, mouse and keyboard from the physical machine, so that no one can access / use it.

hope i am answering your question. please correct me if i am wrong.

Thanks Sanjay for your feedback. However, UiPath says that it’s possible to run a processu with a locked screen. See Click here.