List Variables for Each Sequence/Activity

As you know , when project is becoming bigger, more variables will be defined, we can see all the variables in “Designer Panel” including there related sequence/activity from “Scope”. Is it possible to get the inverse, means, for each sequence we fetch only variables created for it ? Thanks in Advance

Well I am not sure why you need such a feature but here is a workaround I can think of.

Open the sub .xaml files in notepad and you will find the following :slight_smile:

lets say I have a test.xaml with just one variable (dataTable) with the Sequence Name as “YourSequence” here is how it looks.

So housed in the node <Sequence.Variables> are the variables and the parent shows the Sequence Display name.

Hope this helps


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Thanks Raghavendraprasad
Here it will show you only defined variable in another format. My query is how to get only the used variable for a sequence, because you know, we can created variable for a sequence without using it :slight_smile:


There is a feature in UiPath to remove unused variables, click on it and voila… you will be left with only used/referenced variables in your sequence/workflow. :slight_smile:

Great!!! What is it’s Name ?

Here it is, circled in bright blue

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Hope it helped.


Ah YES, Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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