List undefined number of items with option buttons

Hello, I’d like to prepare form, where I can display list of String items, every one of them surrounded with two buttons (Edit, Delete).

List hasn’t exactly defined number of items. Expected output sent on the button click is button name (Delete / Edit) and identification of string where selected (index or string). Any idea how to deal with this? Thanks!

OK, I found the way. Not perfect one, but usable. My form is now limited to the specific maximum quantity of the items (20 in this case).

I needed 20 hidden fields, which gets boolean values defining line visibility option. They are used as conditions for displaying each line container.

What can help much in the future Form package versions:

  1. Possibility to use the expression in condition field - I can define condition based on the one variable instead of 20. BTW - when I tried to edit JSON definition of the condition value, it broke component to the unremovable and uneditable state and I needed to create whole form again.

  2. Possibility to use list / array / dictionary value in the Field key - same as above, now I use one variable for each item on 20 lines, which is very uncomfortable


And one next idea to the list:

  1. Possibility to call input variables for condition field, without need of their use in the any other field of form