List of search and store the result in excel

Q1. You need to search for CEO of Infosys,Apple,Google, microsoft,paytm,SAP and save the list in excel.

Experts plss help

Hi @Tabbu

Your Steps could be as follows below.

Store the search value in array of string!

Buildatatable with the column

Use Open browser and set to chrome.

For each of the arrrayString.

Use Type Into activity and search for item

Use get text to store the value.

Add datarow to pass the pass the GetText Out.

Then Write range.


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Hi @Tabbu

Please try this,

image (3.3 KB)


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Thanks for you effort .
But i am unable to open your xaml file.But i will follow the sequence you shared

@Tabbu try updating the package and see if its working…