List of options in "number" in "Activity pannel"

how many activiies like for eg mesge box, switch ,input dialog box,totally how many actions or options available in “Activities” pannel, how many should we learn inorder to work on RE Framworks in UiPath.


In the UiPath Activity panel, the “Number” category typically includes activities related to numerical values and operations. Here are some of the commonly used options in the “Number” category:

  1. Assign: Assigns a value to a variable or argument.

  2. Invoke Method: Invokes a specified method of a selected object.

  3. Math: Provides mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.

  4. Random: Generates a random number within a specified range.

  5. Round: Rounds a specified number to a certain number of decimal places.

  6. Compare: Compares two numbers or strings and returns a Boolean value indicating whether they are equal or not.

  7. Parse: Converts a string representation of a number to an actual number.

  8. Format Value: Formats a specified value into a string using a specified format.

  9. Truncate: Truncates a specified number to a certain number of decimal places.

  10. Modulo: Returns the remainder of a division operation between two numbers.

These are just a few examples of the activities available in the “Number” category. There may be additional activities depending on the version of UiPath you are using, and some third-party packages may also include additional activities related to numbers.

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The number of activities available in the Activities panel can vary depending on the UiPath version and the installed packages. As each packages had their own set of utilities and activities, it’s not a rule that number of activities is a constant.

Although, as of 2021 version, Studio includes over 400 built-in activities in the default package.

If you want to learn more about each activity and their properties, you can visit search for ‘Activity Name UiPath Documentation’.

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