List and unzipping the file

How do I Achieve the following :

  1. Need to go through entire directory and pick up few folders from that directory
  2. Need to go into subfolder of those few folders we capture from directory
  3. Copy subfolders of all the the folders we have selected from directory and paste them to specific file path with specific naming convention
  4. After pasting them need to loop into for each and start unzipping specific files from that subfolder


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To get files and folders you can use for each file in folder/folder in folder or if you want some more advanced handling you may refer to the Directory class. For unzipping methods you can invoce vba unzip method

For Each File in Folder (

For Each Folder in Folder (

Directory Class (System.IO) | Microsoft Docs

Unzip Files using invoke method - Help - UiPath Community Forum

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