Linq to select a value from a cloumn based on value in a variable

dtData.Select(“[GAPROVISION]=12”)(0).Item(“PROVISIONID”).ToString this code is working

But when using varible to pass value then it is not working
dtData.Select(“[GAPROVISION]=provisonID”)(0).Item(“PROVISIONID”).ToString(this code is not working)

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If you are looking to mimic your exact top one, you need to alter it so it passes the string value of “12” at runtime (assuming provisionID is an integer & it is 12 for this example).

dtData.Select(“[GAPROVISION]=” + provisonID.ToString + “”)(0).Item(“PROVISIONID”).ToString

You may need to play with the quotes a bit, but the idea is to have a string ending at …GAPROVISION]=, then throw in the variable converted to string, then start the string again at "(0).Item…

EDIT: Here is an old thread asking a similar question: How to use variables in