Linq query to find a folder name by it's partial name

Hey Community,

I have a question regarding how can we get a folder name from a list of folders with it’s partial name.

E.g. C:…\1\1234_123

So a linq to return the folder with 1234_123 and I know up & until only the 1st part (i.e., 1234).

Kindly help if anyone has any solution to it

the case looks more to get it solved with regex. Have a look below:

So a statement could look like:
Regex.Match(yourPathString, "\d+(?=_\d+)").Value

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No I think you misunderstood the question, I need the whole folder name (i.e., 1234_123) and I know only the initial part (i.e., upto 1234)

in that case you can do it like following:

Based on the datatype reflecting the folder list wa can go for alternates. Unfortunately this detail is missing.