LINQ - Multiple CONDITIONAL Unique Identifier Matching Two Data Tables

Good day fellow UiPath developers,

Is it possible to implement a LINQ code of matching two data tables with multiple conditional unique identifier columns?

This is the conditional unique identifier matching:

  • msisdn (dt_Change) = ACCTNUM (dt_NoKey) AND
  • date (dt_Change) <= SETTLEMENTDATE (dt_NoKey) AND
  • merchant (dt_Change) = MERCHANTNAME (dt_NoKey) AND
  • amount (dt_Change) <= BILLINGAMT (dt_NoKey)

These are the input data tables:

This is the expected output:

As you noticed those transaction rows that does not met the requirements has the columns

Is this possible to implement in LINQ? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Anthony Jr.

Hi @anthonyjr

Please clarify

For the the third row there are three matches which satisfy all the conditions

Why have you selected only one row?

Hello sir @kumar.varun2

Sorry I was careless on the output, this should be the expected output right?