LINQ - LINQ Group - LINQ IF - LINQ Let - LINQ Join

Do you want to use LINQ in your process and you have to idea, how to learn it?
Here are some videos, where you can learn the most used functions in LINQ.

LINQ Training: UiPath | LINQ Training | Learn LINQ for UiPath from A to Z | LINQ Query Structure | LINQ Query Parts - YouTube

LINQ Group Function: UiPath | LINQ Group Function | Get Unique Rows from DataTable | Duplicate Rows | Not Duplicate Rows - YouTube

LINQ Let Function: UiPath | LINQ Let Function | Calculate variable in LINQ | Calculate new column with LINQ | Let Array - YouTube

LINQ IF Condition: UiPath | LINQ IF Condition | IF for Arrays | IF for Data Tables | IF for empty output of LINQ query - YouTube

LINQ Join Function: UiPath | LINQ Join Function | Inner Join | Left Outer Join | Right Outer Join | Full Outer Join - YouTube

The next videos will be online in the next days.

Have fun!