Linq in uipath for filtering of numeric value

Hi all i am facing the issue win filtering of query using linq every time its coming AsInumerable () error. Even i have chaged xmal file too but the issue is not resolve

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Hi @akv,

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Can you share the LINQ query you are using for reference

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kindly share your LINQ query if possible
are we trying to convert any datatype in that LINQ query

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i will share you my screen shot

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Is the query solved ?
If not do mark the post as unsolved :expressionless:

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may i know what is mentioned in the right side of that assign activity
kindly share that expression
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dt1.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(row) row(β€œNAME”).ToString.Trim=β€œ1”).CopyToDataTable()

you were almost done row(β€œNAME”).ToString.Trim.Equals(β€œ1”)).CopyToDataTable()

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the reason is you were unable to filter it using that!!!

The LINQ used is to filter datatable and you need to provide it equal as what exactly :slight_smile:

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still confused can you write the query

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Is correct @akv

The query is used to compare and store it in a datatable


Also uncheck the solution marked earlier

Kindly have a view on this buddy

error is coming regarding boolean type

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Can I have a clearer picture of the intend of your query!!!

  • Are you basically trying to filer the NAME folder with the one’s having β€œ1”
  • Are you just intending to remove the 1 if it exist in the column β€œName”

Fine if we want to get all the rows of column Name whose values equals to 1
we can use a simple assign activity like this
dt = dt.Select("[NAME] = β€˜1’ ").CopyToDatatable()

simple isnt it
Cheers @akv

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>TrueTrueTrue[xyz][ row(β€œNAME”).ToString.Trim.Equals(β€œ1”)).CopyToDataTable()]