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Let’s say I’m working on a data table and using LinQ queries to transform the data. If something goes wrong & the query throws an error, is there any way to pinpoint which exact data row faulted out?

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I dont think so you can point exact row which faulted…

If you are usinng linq in a for each with anither table then you might be able to find the error row using index peoperty in for loop


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Hi @arjunshenoy

I second with @Anil_G that you cannot pin point the row which is causing error.

If you are using linq a code stage, put a log message activity with row index and value so you can know what value is coming and identify

if you are linq using for each use the row index property

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Hi @arjunshenoy ,

In cases, where the Linq queries contain parsing or converting to another datatype format (Usually occurring error scenarios) we encounter these kind of errors.

Using Linq we will be able to filter out or get the row data which corresponds to mismatch in conversion. But it might not be the query that you would be using and would have to use a different query to get these results. One such analysis could be done for a case related to DateTime Parsing. You could check in the below post of how the Errored rows were filtered using the Linq query.

However, as already mentioned, the debugging capabilities for Linq query or even inside each line of code in Invoke Code Activity is not yet introduced.

You could maybe submit a Feedback Request suggesting the same :slightly_smiling_face:

Let us know your thoughts on this and if there are still more queries.

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