Linq Code Problem

Hi guys,

i have a problem about my code. My code doesn’t have error but 1 sentence does not work and i do not know how to implement or write that code.
Starting “Let xPrice sentence not working.” need to attend smt i gues but i do not know how? or where should i write?
NOT : Looking generally code is running no error occured.

(From row In Excel_Datas
Let xPrice = Convert.ToInt32(row.item("Fiyat").ToString.Replace(".","").Replace(".","").Replace("TL",""))
Let xCityName = row("Semt / Mahalle").ToString.Trim
Group row By a = xCityName Into grp = Group
Let xCount = CStr(grp.Count)
Let xSum = grp.Sum(Function (s) CInt( s("Fiyat").ToString.Trim))
Let xAverage = grp.Average(Function (av) CInt(av("Fiyat").ToString.Trim))
Select Excel_AVG_Dt.Rows.Add({a,xCount,xSum,xAverage})


what is not working?

In general we would recommend to convert other number formats with the corresponding globalizations instead of string replace methods

fro breaking out the blackbox we can sometimes check with analysis LINQ statements within the immediate panel. But for this we do need more info on what is failling as asked above. Thanks

my exel file
my code:

Let xPrice = Convert.ToInt32(row.item("Fiyat").ToString.Replace(".","").Replace(".","").Replace("TL",""))

this code is erasing the tl and dots. I’m doing this because i’m going to summing and getting avg of values. You can see the overall code.