Linking a correct data table to the application

Hi i am having a scenario where i want to import the correct excel from the folder to the application. It should import the correct data table by taking the applications file name as a reference. Is it possible to do so and how?

highlighted the file name and the excel from the folder should be imported with the same name.

Take the application filename without the extension (in your sample, without the .rfa) and adding asterisk symbol at the end and save into variable for example strFilename, then have a click activity to click the table from the Manage Lookup Table dialog that you have and use strFilename as a selector attribute, replace the attribute that defines the name of the table. The asterisk symbol at the end will ensure that it will match even with the differences at the end part

sorry cant get you.IS posible to send a sample code
1.Need to create a new variable name with application name (example:abcd*)
2.need to save that in the default value?

The new variable strFilename will have your filename plus asterisk, you can get the filename part using get filename or whatever is convenient so based on your sample during run strFIlename will be

and then on click activity to select the table, it will have selectors to identify the element, edit the selector to reflect the filename, most likely it will have an attribute like “name”, change the value to e.g.
name = {{strFilename}}