Link to Community Edition training - hands-on experience

Hi there. Can someone link to training exercises where I get hands-on experience with UiPath Studio Community Edition?

I’m not looking for the certifications modules or learning paths, but simply training tasks where I can look, play and solve challenges with the UiPath Studio Community Edition :slight_smile:

You can take your own exercises leaving all the training material right? @Sondergaard You don’t need to take the trainings to get started with studio. Have some examples on your own and start

Sorry - I’m not sure I understand your point.

I mean, you can think of the tasks or the use case which you have in your real time scenarios so that you can start with those

Best thing you will have is the forum here, you will get thousands of problems which are really good tasks to work around. so start looking into the questions and create the workflow based on the question but NEVER SHARE the WORKFLOW as a solution directly.

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