Link 2 columns together

Hello can i ask how can i link 2 columns together such that I can write out data based on 1 column reading.

@W_QW Consider dt as your datatable. Then use Following statement.


This will give datatable contains row which has ID as 121212


Above statement gives value in Name column, If more then one row is present takes value m from first row

Can type out code in UIPath?

@W_QW Check the Below screenshot.

Why nothing come out

Why nothing come out?

@W_QW In the mentioned you are updating values in datatable only not in excel. For updating values in excel You have to write that datatable to excel again using write range activity(select header property) After For loop.

Do u mind typing out code according to excel?

@W_QW From where you have to insert values like TA. where these values are stored?

I have to place it under Column (‘Name’)

@W_QW From you getting those values there must be some source right?

How to link 2 columns tgt?