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I am working on a project, but i am facing one hurdle can any one have a idea is there any activity or any logic where we can count the total number lines i mean how many number is written in this column

like this is table and i want to calculate how many number is written inside this column


Hello @Khawaja_Junaid

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Excel Application Scope. Specify the excel path
    a. Inside the scope, add a Read Range activity. Set the sheet name and the output. Save the datatable output in dtInput.
  2. To count the rows, use dtInput.Rows.Count.

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Hi @Khawaja_Junaid - You mean to say each cell how many numbers inside? or the total count of that particular column?

If it is count the you can get by column or rows .count, if it is each number inside the cell then you need to use a For Each loop then for each split the string and store it in array get the array count. That will give you how many numbers inside each cell.


@Jan_Brian_Despi Thank you for your suggestion but is a web platform where i want to get the value with currents numbers ,i mean it is not a excel this results is showing in web application like this


Hope this helps you and you can support me,
so my hurdles is i want to get that how many columns is written in it


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Hi @Khawaja_Junaid
You can do data scraping for that one to get those. Then let us say that the output of the data scaping is named OutputDataTable, so to count it, just do OutputDataTable.Rows.Count


Data Scrap the Table and the output will be stored in a Datatable and get the count by DT.rows.count or any other manipulations would like do.


@Jan_Brian_Despi THANK YOU

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No problem, @Khawaja_Junaid
Feel free to approach me anytime.

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