Limited Values in the Taxonomy data type sets

I have 7 values to enter. But in Document Understanding Overview → Taxonomy → Adding fields of document, it is restricting to only five values.

You can see this. Is there any other solution to add two more values in the set?

@Pablito can you please help me with this problem.

Hi @nashrahkhan,
Hopefully @Ioana_Gligan will be able to help :slight_smile:

Gawd, design issues… :woman_facepalming:

There is no limitation to how many items you have in a Set (except, as seen above, screen height it seems - sorry about that :see_no_evil:)

You can save your taxonomy after you enter 2-3 values, then you can open your taxonomy.json file with a text editor, find where your 2-3 values are, and add more following the same pattern.
(NOT recommended to edit your taxonomy file by hand too often, there is so much chance of doing it wrong, it is not worth it… but in this particular case, do take advantage of it).

Meanwhile, do know we are working on a major major facelift to Taxonomy Manager, so this visual bug will go away…

Hope this helps,