Limited data extract on Write range

Hi everyone,
i was trying to extract data using Uipath studio 2021.4.4 from 2 web columns and write it to an excel sheet. everything seems to be fine until after the process finished, since my extract stopped writing to the excel when it reached a certain row.

details as follows:
10.30 ALhamdulillahbisa.xaml (15.4 KB)
excel file:
tryout 08AGT21.xlsx (10.9 KB)

as you can see in my excel (sheet 1), i was hoping to get extract up to row 25, but the process only returned data up to row 11 (in sheet 2). the web itself contains data up to row 25 input.

data capture:

could anyone help me fix the project?

many thanks in advance


Hi @fikri_desu

Have you run in debug mode in UiPath Studio ? Set a conditional breakpoint and set the Hit Count to 11 so that is pauses at row 11. Then step into each activity for the next data row 12 to investigate the problem.

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