Limit Orchestrator Asset Usage within same Tenancy

Hi All,

I am facing a scenario where there 2 developers in same tenancy , developer A is developing Process A using Asset A and developer B developing Process B using Asset B.
Problem here is i don’t want developer A to have access to Asset of developer B and developer B to have access to Asset of developer A.
Is there a way to restrict the Asset usage among the developers in same tenancy?

No, it cant be done…


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Yes you can set it.

Assets can be classified according to their value as follows:

  • Single Value - can be accessed and used by all Robots (defined on the Single Value tab)
  • Value Per Robot - can be accessed only by an indicated Robot (defined on the Value Per Robot tab)

Any work around?


And also if you have administration rights for Orchestrator then you can define roles and all etc…

Please check below thread.

Restriction for which job/asset the user can run/edit

Well, if Mr lakshman say it is possible, lets see what he comes up with… so far his posts does not help you…

This wont help Lakshman, even if assets are set per bot, developers will still be having access to all the asset. This shouldnt be the case.
Developer should only have access to those Assets that are related to his process and not other assets.


What about my second post ? setting roles for users. Please check it once.

did you find a work around for this issue.

It really has no way to achieve this using the same tenant, if this is of extreme relevance to you, then my suggestion is that you implement your own “Assets Factory”, then create a set of custom activities to manage them… But will sure be like a lot of work…