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I have few questions because i do not understand fully licensing model.

  1. Can attended robot run on server without human supervision ?
  2. What does it mean 1 robot ? 1 robot = 24h/day or 1 build-ed process. so basically can i run on one attended license 3 robots/processes or i need 3 licences ? (one by one) - License Attended named user
  3. Can i develop application in C# like Orchestrator ? (collect logs & put them into database, Upload & run robots).Is this allowed ?

Thank you.

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  1. No
  2. 1 license = one robot
  3. You can develop the application that you need, but how would it be able to run the processes you build with the studio? i would assume you would still need to have robot license

Thank you for response.

    • I can put package to server with FTP & create scheduled task which i remotely run. Also i created application which looking in log folder & if some file is changed it parse logs & insert data into my database. These logs i grab with Qlick sense & creating some reports. And yes i will need robot license.
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