Licensing unknown processes

Hi guys,

So we have an offer where there are 20 processes to be automated, and we just know their names.
How should I handle the licensing part, since I don’t know if the process is attended or unattended, how much theri budget is or anything else other than the name of the process and number of application that is used to finish the process.

Is there any best practices regarding this kind of situation?


Well you must gather all the info first and then find the quick wins. If you need more info about licensing like prices and that stuff you have to call the uipath sales number.

The prices are not the problem, the licences are, idk how many to offer

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Hey @srdjan.suc

In order to decide how many licenses to obtain, we first need to figure out how many robots are needed to perform the tasks. For that, you need to know the full requirement so that you can decide how many developers are needed, how many robots are required etc… That totally depends on the requirement… I think it is too early to decide that :slight_smile:

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@Lahiru.Fernando true. Also @srdjan.suc
Yes, you can have an idea if you measure how much a robot takes to do the task. Remember that you can only run one robot in a pc/vm. There’s a way to have more than one but that’s another thing. Normally you will only have one. Also if it’s attended it will be 1 per user/pc. Remember that you can have a robot available 24/7. Also you have to know the deadlines. Let’s say you need a task finished by 12 pm and it’s 8 am. You know that this task takes 5 hours. 1 robot will not be enough to finish in time, in this case you will need 2. That’s on you, you must have more info you give a precise answer.

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Yah we need the full details buddy @srdjan.suc
It’s like how we won’t be able to develop a automation process without knowing outcome that is needed.

So kindly get them the full configuration details.
And we got still a chance to deal with
Does the name of the process implies any key note on What kind of process going to be worked upon
So that we can decide atleast with that but that too can’t be taken as a final decision though it would help us to figure a layout as a initial step

Cheers @srdjan.suc

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I just got the information that all the processes are back office processes.
Should I go with around 10 unattended robots for this?
Lower, or higher? I don’t think that any of the process is taking hours to complete, and I don’t think that any of the process is so important that it cannot wait few minutes for a licence to be available

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Yah that would be more than enough to handle 20 processes even at a time or in scheduling at different time
Back office development won’t be a problem buddy, with execution timing unless it involves large data to be processed
You can kick start
Happy development :wink:
Cheers @srdjan.suc

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