Licensing (Same Windows User connected to two different types of licenses DEV and PROD)

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Can you connect the same windows user (robotuserldap) to a VM for development purposes (Giving them a NonProduction license) and also to a VM for production purposes (giving them a Unattended license) all at the same time?

The nonproduction licenses are in a separate development use Orchestrator node than the production licenses which are in another orchestrator node.

I could not see that in the documentation, and was wondering if it’s more common in practice to see this or create a separate robot windows user for development.


devwindowsuser - logged into dev VM using studio license

prodwindowsuser - logged into prod VM using unattended license

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Yes there is nothing stopping you from using the same credential on two different orchestrators, they are not aware of each other.

Even if you were on the same Orchestrator/Tenant, you can use the same credential on multiple machines.

It comes down to your own threat assessment and scope of access that you want to allow should the accounts become compromised, which is done if you follow the principle of least privilege. It’s a balancing act of management overhead and risk.

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