Licensing Part is not clear


We recently took license for On Prem Orchestrator.(3 dev licenses + 1 unattended bot license) , But i can see only 3 licenses, The Unattended license is active from 17th March, but i cant find them in results, i can not run jobs from orchestrator(It says : runtime licenses are available), how would I know how to find the whether license is activated or not


Did you create a robot and while assigning license it would show how many licenses you have as well…did you happen to check that?

Login as host admin and you can see the licenses


Hi @Vi_Quad

  • It could be because you have assigned more than 1 runtime to a Windows workstation machine and are trying to execute multiple jobs at the same time, which can cause errors.

  • If the UiPath Robot service is running on a given machine, it is displayed as licensed. If there are no more licenses available, the machine is not licensed

Check out the document

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