Licensing for DEV and PROD environments


I am trying to understand what licensing is required for the following setup.

I currently have 2 VMs each running a BOT with an Orchestrator license (So, 2VMs, 2 BOTs, 2 Orchestrator licenses). Both BOTs are being used as LIVE/PROD.

I would like to setup a third VM as DEV environment. Do I need a separate license for it? If so, do I need a full Orchestrator license? I am getting a lot of push back from management about costs so I am hoping there is a way to setup a DEV environment without a full license.

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If you need dev license you have to buy it.
But you don’t need buy new Orchestrator license.
I have setup where I have 2 Orchestrators (test and prod environment).
I use developer license on my production setup but when I want upload process to ‘test environment’ I doing it manually from file.
So you don’t have to buy another Orchestrator’s license.


You will pay only for Dev license that is the studio license

No need of Orchestrator license again

License is assigned to already having the Orchestrator license only

Hope this will help you


Thank you both for replying. I am still a little unclear on the following hoping you can shed some light.

If we work with a third party RPA development firm. Would they have a general DEV license that they can use to build our BOTs and deploy the BOTs to our PROD Orchestrator licenses? Or would we have to supply the DEV license to them as well?

These questions are coming from the fact that my boss feels we don’t need a DEV license. Particularly if we work with a third party (RPA development shop).

I think it depends on the company. We delivered a development license with environment and VMs for our external consultants.
But we have RPA team with developers and we could do that.
Regarding RPA development shop - it’s possible that they have their own license. If so, of course it’ll not be needed your dev license. But I don’t know that.
You should ask at the source :slight_smile:

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