Licensing / Acceptable Use Policy - Automation Express


I need clarification regarding the terms of the “Automation Express Free License.”

My client is interested in:

  1. Document Downloading: They want to automate the downloading of thousands of documents from UPS using delivery numbers from an Excel file. The output will be forwarded to their internal tax department before being sent to tax authorities.
  2. Data Validation: Automate the process of checking a database for incomplete data and then emailing the responsible employee to request data completion.

The license / acceptable use policy Robotic Process Automation | UiPath states:

“you are not allowed to (i) use the Automation Express licenses in collaboration with other
users from your company, (ii) share or otherwise provide access to the output of the Automation Express license with other users from your company and/or (iii) use the Automation Express license to access the output of automations developed by other users from your company”

My concerns:

For Scenario 1, since documents are relayed to the inhouse tax team before being forwarded to the tax authorities, does this violate point (ii)? For Scenario 2, if the automation emails another employee, does this breach point (i)? Notably, the license mentions “user” and not “employee”. Does this mean it’s compliant as long as the other employee isn’t a UiPath user?

Any clarity to guide my client appropriately would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.