Licenses not releasing when a process is done

Hi. We are having some issues with licenses not being released after a process successfully completes. We have 3 tenants, but this is (as far as I know) just happening on my tenant. We have 4 licenses on our tenant, using 4 different machines. Around 15 processes total. After a process is done on the 138 machine the issue occurs and it looks like this:

When a process is done it is releasing the license most of the times. So usually this goes smooth. But randomly it does not. And that is a huge issue when using RPA in an enterprise model like we are.

The process always exits successfully.

Even when im trying to access the studio on the 138 machine it tells me that the lisence is being used.

Anyone having the same issue? I can get my platform tech colleague to explain more if needed. Just wondering if there are some general tips on where to look when this problem occurs? And if there is anyone that has experienced this before?