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Hello everyone,

I am wondering, if having UiPath – Automation Developer – Multiuser license allows me to use Studio on a different machines? Does it automatically switches to the one, where developer with assigned Multiuser license is logging and opening Studio or do I need to change some allocation in orchestrator?

Does named user licesne also allows me to automatically switch between machines?


if you have multiuser license and u are connected to orchetrator it should allow u to use it with a condition that machine is defined in orch,robot is linked to the machine

Thank you Rajat! That’s what I thought. So - just to clarify - if I have linked 3 machines to the Orchestrator, then it will automatically “jump” between machines with a first come, first served principle, right?

Yes it should be but if all the 3 machines are available which means that consuming the license even when sitting idle then it will be consuming 3 licenses ideally. Please explain the state of the machines


Hi @An_Dig,

Both the Multiuser & Named User License can automatically switch between machines. That is it is can license a user irrespective of machine used by the user. However, you need to ensure that the Studio + Robot is installed in User Mode.

Then what is the difference between Multiuser & Named User Licenses you may ask ? The difference is in the license allocation (consumption).

A multiuser license is consumed when a user is active (Eg: If you own 2 Multi User Licenses you can create 6 users with Automation Developer License assigned to them. License will be allocated to 2 active users only).

In case of named user license a license is consumed when a user is assigned with Automation Developer License (Eg: If you own 2 Named User Licenses you can create only 2 users with Automation Developer License assigned to them. License will be locked to these 2 users)

Hope that helps !


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