Licensed UiPath Orchestrator Installation Support

Hello Fellow Forum Members,

my enterprise organisation is considering to purchase the full spectrum of UiPath tools. However, we do not have the technical expertise for the software installation and maintenance of the Orchestrator. I have gone through the extensive installation details on the UiPath website but if something goes wrong, e.g. the server goes down etc, we need to have a good technical support.

We need to train our staff in the not just the operation of the Orchestrator but also its Installation and Maintenance. The authorized training partners of UiPath only offer training’s with focus on “Automation Development”; same as the tutorials on the RPA Dev Training website of UiPath.

Is UiPath willing to train or support our staff in this manner?


Hi @mashatti

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Please contact our Sales department who will be able to assist you more. It all depends on the particular situation.
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