i have question about liscensing.
So i want to install Uipath robot into windows client but our client windows will be expired for every period there is problem or Not with liscense ?
if we need to report uipath for this case how we have to do ?
any document guide or something else ?

Regards Dwi Andhika

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Hi @AndhikaDwi,
Could you describe a little more? It’s about Enterprise Edition or Community? Is this client connected to the internet constantly or not. Please write some details.

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Hi @AndhikaDwi
As I understood,

It’s not a issue when you renew you windows license
It’s not depend uipath license from windows license

But when your windows license expired and if you try to use separate machines , its keep machine I’d registered, (for standalone license)
If you aquire license from orchestrator I hope no issue

Also as @Pablito mention if you provide more information we can help you with better Solution