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Hi there.

I would like to know if I could assign multiple process to 1 robot to use the schedule settings by orchestrator.
And if I do so, do I need to pay license fee according to how many process I will run?
Or just need to pay 1 robot licence fee?

1 am to 3 am Process1
4am to 10 am Process2
1pm to 11pm Process3

I would greatly appreciate if you would help me.



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Hi @taiga0206

Welcome to the community!!

Yes you can assign multiple processes to one robot and schedule them. Only thing you have to make sure is, if these are foreground processes that has interactions with UI elements, you cannot run multiple processes parallel in one robot. So if you are scheduling one after the other, it is perfectly fine…

You do not need to pay for the number of processes you run. It is a annual fee that you pay for your robot and you can use it to run any number of processes until you reach the maximum capacity…

Hope I answered your question :slight_smile:


Thank you for welcoming me!

I really appreciate your help.
And your answer is perfectly matched what I want yo ask.

Thank you again!

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