License Renewal Portal

Hi guys,

Especially @badita @andrew.rayner @Roxana_Stratila

I think that there should be license renewal portal where enterprises can log in and see their license expiry dates and ideally renew them if possible, or certainly enter a code to update them. Having an option to remove or switch to a different machine or user would also be good.

This should include whether licenses are for Orchestrator, Prod/Dev/Test and other important criteria.

Also, the re-sellers should be able to see all of their clients. E.g. all licenses are entered with either a re-seller tag or they default to UiPath if they are purchased directly. And a key contact should be assigned for the license renewal.

This should help users self serve license renewal and reduce the burden on the UiPath team and also make the renewal process smoother. It would also help you see the percentage of dev/test to production licenses that were being utilised and help identify if people are mis-using the licenses.



Excellent. We have it in plan but it will take time.