License Question

I’d like to understand better what this section of the license means:

Regarding section 11 of the Community Edition license agreement:

## 11. No License Fees and No Confidential Information.
UiPath does not charge any license fees in connection to the CEUP under this Agreement. Customer will not use any Confidential Information (meaning any document and information, including but not to limited technical information, business methods, personal data, software programs, business information or any other non-public information) for the purpose of this Agreement. Customer may only use “dummy data” when configuring or testing solutions. Customer will indemnify UiPath for a breach of this section.

Does anyone have more information regarding how this works? Does it only apply when using Orchestrator CE or does it also apply when using the Studio?

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This in short is you can use this for Training and Education and Learning purpose only. Community Edition should not be used commercially also the data you will going to use during this should be dummy

I been told that if turnover is less than 1 million, you can use studio. But Orchestrator is only for evaluation and training.

Yes, that is my understanding as well. But I was more concerned regarding the notice regarding confidential information.

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Is that meaning for Enterprise Company testing UIPath, they need to use dummy data for testing purposes?

If Legal Entity whats not an Enterprise can use Studio only with dummy data, what’s point of using it?

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Exactly my point.