License Migration from Trial to Community Edition

Hi Guys,

I am having trouble proceeding from a previous 60-day trial, into the Community Edition of UI Path. I attempted to contact support, but for whatever reason, I am being blocked from submitting a ticket. Can someone contact me direct to resolve this?

Sincerely appreciated.

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Hi @Mike_Hare
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Let me tag you for some UiPath Staff , Since you blocked from submitting a ticket

@Pablito @loginerror FYA

@Mike_Hare, Hi and welcome to the community

sorry to hear that. In the meantime do you mind sharing the details of your problem may be some folks here have experienced such and can help solve it. maybe share the error message or screenshots of what the problem is.

help me please.

Trial version of Studio is installed from MSI installer where Community is EXE. What you can do is to leave current installation and connect UiPath Assistant (Robot) to Community Orchestrator and use it’s license to work on community version or uninstall Studio and install it from EXE. The newest Community Version you may find on under Resources tab.