License Key for CE orchestrator

Installed Orchestrator using CE in local server Successful. Where can i find the License activation file.
Do I have to generate the license file. If yes kindly share the license key.

Hi Raj,

Did you use the .msi installer? In order to have the License activation file you need to buy Orchestrator license.

In order to use Orchestrator CE, please go to, create a tenant and you will have 2 free Development Robots to connect.

Thanks for the response Ovi.

Yes I used .msi installer to install orchestrator in our local server, I thought would get free Robots for development along with installer. Is it not the case?

Is the URL shared above is similar to demo.uipath orchestrator community?

Yes, it’s the same as demo. And there are the 2 free Robots by default per tenant.

No, you cannot use it without license. The CE is the .exe file.

Thanks for the info:hugs:

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Whether we need to take studio/Robot/Orchestrator license seperately in uipath?

Yes, there are different licenses for Studio, Robot and Orchestrator.

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Created a tenant in Orchestrator CE but did not receive the 2 dev robot license, please help?
how to receive the dev robot license? thanks!

Hi Ovi, just wondering what’s the difference between Studio and Orchestrator licenses? I used studio licenses and uploaded into Orchestrator and I’m able to provision the robots. However, I was told that only Orchestrator license is able to provision the robots. can you please advise?

Hi Ovi,
I am trying to activate the license through Orchestrator, but getting the below error.

Could not obtain license. Please check Robot connection to Orchestrator or activate a local license.

I had configured the Orchestrator with the also machine. Using the machine number to, I am able to run the robot in local and trying to activate the license through Orchestrator, but unable to.
Could you please help me.