License issue whenever i restart my system however its on secondary user and i am using LAN


i using it on LAN and when i restarting the system its again and again asking to activate the license.

Hello @manoj2500,
If you are using CE (Community Edition) the Studio need to have connection with internet to check the license. If you have some let say non standard network configuration it might be that Studio can’t find properly the server and this problem may occur.

the internet is working actually its my office system i thing that may be a reason because of firewall etc

Sure, firewall can be problem as well.

hey @Pablito one more thing in email activity i am getting this is this possible due to organisational firewall. i have checked the gmail port and server address for smtp as well as imap.

Yes I’m afraid that firewall can be also related to this. You need to talk with your organisation administrator to check if they are not blocking this port and/or outgoing traffic for services.