License Issue #022

Hello guys i have a enterprise license for studio.

But i cant assign that license to studio.

It is showing this error.
I havent connected the studio to orchestrator.

Does anyone have the solution for this.

HI @Gokul_Murali

What license do you have?


Enterprise license

And also i have trail enterprise license i cant add both the license

First create a machine that in orchestrator and then connect them to UiPath assistant @Gokul_Murali
Add your license to the orchestrator and then assign that license to that created machine you are using and the license will be assigned to your machine

but y cant i try it with trail license.
It is also showing error.

I think the trial version license is orchestrator based license and should be added in the orchestrator and then assign that license to the Local machine


If you have standalone license, can you try either of the following?

Use UiPath.LicenseTool.exe (with proxy settings if necessary)


Try offline activation as workaround


Hi @Gokul_Murali

Try with Manual 3-set wizard

It will generate a key which is of 250+ character

copy those characters and paste in the given URL (Officially from UiPath) [], then the license will activate and it will give you a file to download and a key.
Paste that key after clicking next in the UiPath Studio.

This will activiate the license from Manual process.