License for unattended bot

I need to create an unattended bot (UI involved) which will be triggered in every 5 min and check for an entry in database. Each transaction must be immediately processed and not queued up. As there can be hundreds of transactions entered at one time, I am not sure how to achieve this with minimum license cost.

Can anyone help.

Hi @deepikagoel
The number of robots needed is a function of the number of transactions to be processed, the average handling time per transaction and the SLA of the process. Let’s say it takes the robot 5 minutes to process each transaction and there are less than 12 transactions per hour coming in. Furthermore, the required turnaround time 1 hour to process each transaction. In the scenario described, 1 Unattended Robot is sufficient.

So my suggestion is to find out:

  • average handling time after automation
  • transaction volume
  • require turnaround time per transaction

With some simple calculations I’m sure you’ll be able to determine the minimum number of Unattended Robots you require for your process. Good luck!

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