License for Testing in Orchestrator

Hi, I have been doing some regression testing as POC to prove that the Test Automation can help the tester to automate the testing especially when it involves a lot of data. While trying to avoid rolling out the whole test suite component, I decided to explore the Testing function from Orchestrator and one of the downside that I found would be the bot would a Testing runtime to execute any test set or test case. While the Named User License also offered the Test Manager service, can I check if anyone know how to run the Test Set from Orchestrator without the NonProd or Testing runtime?


If you want to run from orchestrator then testing runtime is needed…or you need to run from studio directly


Thanks Anil. But based on my experience on running it from the studio, the test result wont be stored anywhere compared to running it from Orchestrator right?


You can use a test queue to run and it can store the results there…

If you are running without it then yes no testcase level results are stored


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