License errors




I’ve never had a trial licence. I’m using community edition. I renamed my licence folder and submitted several requests to

I’ve restarted my PC so nothing UiPath related is initially running.

When I relaunched I did generate a new licence folder but I get the following message.



and opens up the licencing webpage

So I enter my Device ID) 4D69*****---****-********7DA


And then fill in my email address in Uipath window to register


When I press activate I get


Please can someone help me out with this as I can’t do anything at this point.

This is my previous post regarding my attempt at renewing my licence.

Many thanks,


The following post suggests it is a licensing server problem (same error message etc.) @badida looked into the issue last time and seemed to fix it.


@charliefik That was a different error (from the licensing server). Now you get “License expired”. Can you paste here the Device Id so I can check?


Thanks very much for responding @ovi here is the Device ID



I cannot find this one. The one from the screenshot you uploaded above. 4ZAA…


That must be the Device id encrypted

That comes up when I try to open up UIStudio in the UiPath Registration (it’s automatically populated in the Device ID field)




Maybe that’s a default ID rather than an encrypted ID and I should replace it with my actual device ID (I just assumed it was right as it was populated when the window opened)


Actually I can’t change that field it seems to be uneditable


Hi @BB-8

Is your organization the one you registered your email here on the Forum? I’ll pass this to my colleagues to help remove the Device ID.


It seems that on this Device ID there is a Trial code attached that expired yesterday, 25 July. Are you using a VM ?



I’m just using a home PC I downloaded the UiStudio directly onto it.

I still want to use this PC to use studio (regarding you saying to remove the device, of course remove it if necessary to solve the issue)

Thanks for your help


@charliefik Please follow these steps:

It should work after this. Your CE expired and you didn’t fill the correct Device ID, so it wasn’t renewed.


Please provide a screenshot of the error you get because that website is for the CE users.


Hooray! that worked!! Thanks @ovi you are officially my favourite UiPather

I got the device ID from control panel system settings


not sure where the other device id comes from, but thanks for your help.

All the best


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It’s been awhile but I wanted to let everyone know how my issue was resolved. – As mentioned in my original post, I submitted my issue via and UIPath support graciously worked to help me resolve things even though I am a Community Version user. (…on this device. – My reason for downloading the Community Version was to create a submission for the Hackathon on my personal computer.) I do not know if this will be everyone’s experience, but in my case they were very helpful!

My issue ended up being that I had somehow been added to UIPath’s expired-trial-version list. This was preventing me installing/using the Community Version on my device. Everything worked fine once UIPath removed me from the list.

Hope the rest of you can find similar resolutions!



Hi, I requested a trial license today. But when I try to activate my uipath installation it states that the subscription expired. I haven’t used uipath before.



I have downloaded trail version on my personal computer unintentionally and now I am unable to use community edition and getting below error :

Activation failed with error: 0
Error description: Cannot use Community Edition on this machine after activating a trial or Enterprise license code. Please enter a valid license key.
License status: Device ID already activated

Device ID: 8KWGO99Mh52RKcZHVZ/E
Computer: LAPTOP-PV1OE33H

I also raised the ticket with but as mentioned by other member they only support enterprise customer.

Could you please help to remove my device id from the trial version list so I can able to use community edition on my personal laptop.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @gawhade0710,

It is my suggestion . It may help you.

  1. UnInstall the previous version.
  2. Install the community version fresh.



Hi @michel,

First you go to renew license in the below link and