License Code is inactive, enterprise edition with oc

the installed studio edition is enterprise edition2019.4

2 months ago, we have bought one robot’s license, and active the code successfully for the first time.
acitve studio → export certificate ->upload to orchestrator

now, we bought more 2 robots’ license, and we are finally given a code the same as last time.
so, I try to deactive the code, then reactive it again

step1 regutil get-deactivation-cert /out_file=D:\certificate.txt
srep2 deactive the code successfully
step3 acitve studio then show error box
Activation failed with error 0
Error description: No error
License status: License Code is Inactive

please tell me how to active the code for the second time.
Then I can see totally 3 robots from Oc

Hi @amber0001,
I think in that case you should contact with Technical Support.

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Please contact thru the following page -

Karthik Byggari