License activation, unseen error

When trying to activate an academic license inside a virtual machine I encounter the following error below.

I managed to activate the license on my labtop but not inside a VM. I only used the license key once on my own labtop.
I’ve not seen this error discussed on the forums. Could anyone tell me what’s wrong ? Do I need a different kind of license ? It would be really usefull to run UIpath workflows in VM for demo en reproducing purposes.

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Is this enterprise or community edition

Cheers @Aaron_De_Rybel

Hi @Palaniyappan,

It’s the academic alliance edition. I believe it might be similar to community edition and it might not be possible to run in a VM ?

Maybe check for internet connection in your VM, firewall could be a problem.

Hi @Aaron_De_Rybel

The error is a known issue for the 19.4.5 version. When you install Studio, in the installation wizard - Advanced options you have to choose the option to NOT register the Robot as a service. This will install it in user mode and then the activation should work.

This is fixed in 19.10 version and above.