Licence studio / user session

Hello at all,

I have somes questions related to robot and licence :

Suppose I have a studio installed in a server, when two users access in it from differentes sessions => How many licences I am using from orchestrator ?

What does the error “You have more licenses allocated to your services than you have available to your organization. Please adjust the license allocation” means ?

Thank you in advance

Hi @Tozy_Dion,
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Let me try to describe it. By installing studio you are not taking any license at start. License will be used when you will start Studio (it depends what type of licensing you will choose). The license is taken also when you will connect a Robot (installed on server) with your Orchestrator tenant. It will take one license per Robot/User which are active at the moment. So if both users are logged in and both have Robot connected then you need to have two license to run two processes simultaneously.

Regarding the error. It means that your tenant have assigned more licenses (you can check them in the Cloud Dashboard) than you really have. If you are on Enterprise plan I suggest contacting with our Technical Support.

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