Licence provider and Orchestrator issue

Hi All,

I have installed the UIPath studio in my system. Licence provider name is showing as ‘Internal’.
Try to publish the project to UI path Orchestrator - successful message came. But its not showing and not able to do Orchestrator settings from robot tray also.

Try to do Orchestrator settings - Empty orchestrator api versions! error is displayed.

Can anyone suggest the solution for this one.


Kindly have a view in this

Cheers @Bala_Murugan_Kothand

HI @Bala_Murugan_Kothand

Were you able to resolve this issue or are you still facing the issue?

Hi Lahiru,

Thanks for your response, Orchestrator issue is resolved. Now I have created Credential data type in ORchestrator-Assets.

Username is saving but the password field becomes blank even though I have entered and saved it.

What’s issue and how to resolve it.


Hey @Bala_Murugan_Kothand

The password field will show as blank in the orchestrator screen. That’s normal. Dont worry about it. Just use the get credential activity and get the credentials from the orchestrator and it will have the data you saved

Thanks for your update Lahiru

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