Licence migration from unattended (2018.4.3) to attended (2018.4.3)

Hello everyone,

I’m working with a small RPA infrastructure and theses days we had to renew our licences and I have a problem with an unattended robots licence installation who needs to be switched to an attended robots licence.

For infos, we are using standalone installation (2018.4.3) without any orchastrator.
So, I’m using the command line activation (already done before with success) but the purchased licence code by UIPath as changed :
Old licence code : 18 digits
new licence code : 4 group of 4 digits

It seems that the “Regutil.exe activate” cmd don’t work with the code 4x4 nomenclature.

How to run the Regutil command with the 4x4 licence code ?
If possible I prefer to not migrate to newer version now…


You should follow this:
I assume when you renew the license, it may require installing a new robot version (which will not make you have to rework your processes), but first try that command before thinking about upgrades.

Thanks for your answer @bcorrea. Unfortunatly it seems that the Licensetool isn’t available on 2018.4.3 installation.

A quick search about Licensetool on the forum lead me to this post and it appears that LicenseTool is available since 19.10 :

Is there a way to download LicenseTool.exe and run it on a 2018.4.3 installation ?

Yes, i mean, i suspect you are supposed to go to the latest release, but the best would be to confirm with your sales representative/UiPath support.

Hello, I’ve contact the UIPath helpdesk and support and they have converted the licence to a 18 digit key.Thanks for your help !

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